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New residents may not occupy their unit without first being interviewed and approved by the Wychbury Board of Directors and must comply with the Wychbury Rules and Regulations.

Wychbury Rules and Regulations approved 11 3 09

Interview with and discretion of Board of Directors

New residents should request from your real estate agent to arrange for an interview with the Board of Directors.

When you attend the interview with the Board of Directors, please bring two references, one a character reference, and the other a reference from an employer or some other party who can vouch for your creditworthiness. These references may or may not be the same as those you provided to the real estate agent at the time of being accepted as a tenant. The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject you as a tenant regardless of whether or not you have already entered into a lease agreement. Your residential tenancy agreement is always subject to the rights of the Board of Directors to remove you if in their discretion you are not a fit and proper person to occupy a unit in Wychbury.


Before moving in or out of Wychbury, all residents must first inform the Board as to the proposed date and time. Residents and must at all times comply with the Wychbury Rules and Regulations in the process of moving. Further, lift curtains must be used when moving. The Foyer must be protected – by drop sheets if necessary. For security reasons, the front doors of the building must only remain open for such time as is necessary.


Residents must comply with the Wychbury Fire Procedures.

wychbury fire procedures


Sub-letting is not permitted.


Garbage may only emptied at the bins on the western side of the building at the permitted times.

Wychbury's lift door at the foyer