Neighbourhood Gallery


Wychbury & Werrington from Elizabeth Bay - Elizabeth Bay House, Darnely Hall, Manar and Meudon in front

Rockwell House and Mrs Macquarie's Point from Wychbury

Wychbury from Domain

Tusculum Street - 1930s apartment buildings

Wychbury from Cowper Wharf Road

Wychbury with Tusculum House in foreground

Wychbury from Kanimbla Hall on Tusculum Street

Tusculum House with Wychbury behind

Wychbury - View from West Roof Terrace

Wychbury from Becker & Minty on Manning Street

Local neighbour on Wychbury Western Roof Terrace - Byron Hall as backdrop

Potts Point with Garden Island in foreground

Dawn over Sydney Harbour from Wychbury

Greenknowe Ave - Wychbury from East Roof Terrace

Byron Hall - Orwell Street - From Wychbury East Roof Terrace

Wychbury from Toby's Estate on Manning Street

Rockwell House - Wychbury can be seen behind

Sunset from Wychbury's Western Roof Terrace

Manar on Macleay Street

View to Sydney CBD from Wychbury at dusk

Potts Point from the City - at dusk

View to Neutral Bay from Wychbury

Rockwell House - Rockwell Street

Macleay Regis

Tusculum House - Front Doors